What’s the difference between car detailing and car washing?

Why does car detailing cost so much more than car washing? Why pay $100 for car detailing when you can wash and clean your car easily in your spare time? You could also get your local car wash to clean your car at a fraction of the price. You need to understand the difference between car detailing and car washing, before you make up your mind.

What does car detailing involve?

The interiors of your car will be vacuumed carefully. An interior detailer will be applied to the plastic parts and then wiped with a soft towel. A conditioner will be applied, which will protect plastic parts from damage by the sun. A glass cleaner will be used to clean the interiors of the windows.

Your car’s engine will be inspected, sprayed, degreased, cleaned, and then dried with compressed air. A conditioner will be applied and painted parts will be waxed.

The exterior of your car will be inspected, cleaned, and washed with car wash soap. Your car will be rinsed and wiped with a soft towel and a clay bar will be used to remove contaminants. You can opt to have your car buffed, which may take several hours. Finally, polish will be applied to the panels and a dressing will be applied to the tires. The car will be inspected in bright sunlight to ensure that nothing has been missed.

Car detailing takes much more time than car washing

You can get your car washed and vacuumed at a car wash in about 15 minutes. In comparison, car detailing may take several hours or even a day. A car detailer will do a much more thorough job than a car washer.

Why car detailing costs more than car washing

Car detailing costs more because your car is inspected, cleaned, and restored painstakingly. Every nook and cranny is cleaned carefully. High-tech equipment and appropriate cleaning materials of the highest quality are used by trained professionals.

Does it make sense to pay more for car detailing?

A car detailing professional will work methodically to clean each and every part of your car. The professional will ensure that there is no damage or loss in the process. You may have to pay more, but your car will look almost as good as it did the day you brought it home and the finish will last longer.

Want to do it yourself?

If you are do-it-yourselfer, you may get a lot of satisfaction from taking care of your car yourself. If you have the inclination and time, there’s no reason why you can’t do it yourself. You need to arrange for the necessary equipment and cleaning materials and learn about how to do it properly. Watch how a mobile car detailing professional cleans your car before you attempt to do it yourself.

Quality comes at a price, so you may have to pay more professional car detailing. It costs more but your car will look as good as new and will retain its value for much longer.

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